Glass Repairs and Glazing in Melbourne

Commercial Glazing specialises in commercial and residential glass repairs, offering a quick and efficient service, including dealing with insurance companies.

Commercial Glazing is a major service provider for Commercial & Corporate maintenance.

Commercial Glazing offers excellent administrative processes with the most up to date equipment both in office and factory. We own and operate a 3.2 tonne over-head crane, a Z.Bavelloni straight line edge machine, a commercial spray booth in which we manufacture our own beautifully painted splashbacks and most importantly, one of the only Z.Bavelloni bevelling machines in the CBD. These combined with years of experience provides many unique glass products and enables completion of many aspects of glazing including:

We are the glass company that other glass companies use!

Glass repairs and glazing
Domestic glass repairs
Commercial Glazing wins Crown Supplier of the Year Award
Crown Supplier of the year
Commercial Glazing Crown Supplier of the Year Award 2016